What the internet says about Oil Pulling

While scientific evidence was hard to come by that proves that oil pulling works, I came across this awesome systematic oil pulling review that had 48 references that look into the practice.

Looking at all of the 48 references, here are quick quote soundbites linked to their respectable study that gives a general overview of the practice of oil pulling.

“Oil pulling is observed to bring improvement in oral hygiene when practiced correctly and regularly.”

“…coconut oil pulling showed a significant reduction of plaque scores.”

“…coconut oil gargling is as effective as using chlorhexidine mouthwash.”

“Numerous studies have been conducted recently supporting this ancient technique for its health benefits.”

Let’s also look at the claims that oil pulling is ineffective. There are a few studies that seem to back up this claim, but it’s important to understand where the studies are coming from. Many of them are from the oral hygiene field, and with that in mind, it’s possible that some of the researchers have a bias against oil pulling.

Online Oil Pulling Thoughts

Here are 3 examples of oil pulling being debunked with clear conflicts of interests.

  • Rogue Valley Dentist – Calling it a myth by saying that “There is absolutely no peer-reviewed scientific research indicating oil pulling has any benefits.”
  • Science Based Medicine – Steven (the author of the article) dismisses oil pulling for its lack of evidence, brushing it off as not as effective as mouthwash.
  • Joseph R Nemeth DDS & Associates – Their verdict was that there was no difference, but the facts they provide clearly state otherwise. I’ve uploaded a video refuting their video here.

Below are also 3 other people who have looked at oil pulling from experience.

  • Design Mom – Gabby has been oil pulling for over 6 years and has experienced multiple benefits like healthier gums, whiter teeth, and less plaque buildup.
  • Dr. Claudia Welch – I appreciate Claudia’s balanced evaluation of oil pulling, which addresses both the benefits and drawbacks of oil pulling with a great sense of objectivity.
  • Dr. Christopther Morris – Even though his experiment only lasted 14 days, he noticed that “While it does reduce bacteria, it doesn’t completely remove it with ease.”.

I love checking out comment sections of videos for general consensus of a topic and oil pulling is no different. Here are 3 Youtube videos filled with mini testimonials, experiences and general oil pulling advice and thoughts.

  • Joanna L – Shares her experience with some of the benefits of oil pulling and notes that even though it had a lot of benefits, it is only supplemental to your pre-existing dental routine.
  • Alistair Mcgee – Shares his one-year experience with oil pulling. One uncommon observation that I agree with is that skipping a day here or there isn’t as detrimental with oil pulling.
  • Paul Tseng – That’s me! I share my 3 months experience with oil pulling and the benefits I got from it.

I was personally hesitant to begin oil pulling because of all the negative claims I had read. However, I decided to just try it for a few sessions for science and it totally changed my mind. After a few days, I noticed that the plaque behind my lower front teeth was breaking down, and that my teeth felt smoother with my tongue. This is when I realized it really worked.

If you’re still unsure, I suggest giving it a week-long test. If after a few days you don’t notice any changes, your oral health was in excellent shape to start with!